Our SIA team participated in the Pious Projects teams’ national Feed the Hungry program. Our goals for this project were to partner with an organized team dedicated to our goal to learn more about the needs of the hungry in our area. For this project, our team was able to raise an upwards of $1300.
The outcomes of our project were team building, collaboration, and service. In this project we were able to serve more than 300 individuals. Although this event didn’t end the hunger in the community, it was a step in the right direction.
In total we collected the following:
80 loaves of bread
8 turkeys
1500 slices of American cheese
1000 foldable sandwich bags 
100 Disposable Gloves
400 Gallon-Sized Slider Ziplock Bags
500 spoons
1000 Napkins
800 mayo packs 
300 water bottles
500 Granola Bars
360 fruit cups 
500 packets of trail mix
10 Table Cloths
15 Large Foil Trays
15 Medium Foil Trays

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